(Talisman – one of seven)


First made from partially fired Gabbroic clay sourced from the Lizard Peninsula, in South-West Cornwall, in 2011, and subsequently passed on as offerings to seven recipients.

Gabbroic clay covers an area of approximately 7 square miles on the Lizard Peninsular and lies at a depth of between eight to eighteen inches below the modern plough field surface. The main composition of the clay are Felspars, olivines and augites, of which it is the white Felspars in the clay which is the distinguishable characteristic once fired up to 900º C. Most of the pottery found in archaeological sites of up to 4,000 years old throughout Cornwall has been found to be of Gabbroic origin.

These ‘Talisman‘ honours, on one hand, through the imbedded symbolism, the ephemeral nature of the ‘idea’, whilst also exploring intention and the relationship to the art object. These concerns become concurrent with histories and personal narratives of culture, geology, time and place.


To Ira : Seven Parts – Extract


No destination


Marching toward the beacon, guised, remisant

Kindness disciplined, deceived, unknowing kindness

Borrowed from the rind; the kin, amorphic in splendour.

The bough receeds.

A buried principle, from a morass beaten brow

Horse hair ties resigned to the actuality of vindication.

‘I’ removed, discipline dissected, retrieval only serving to demand the plaintive wisdom of denial.


To imply


The sentient, remote for a while,

Belongs and is becoming, faster than any had glimpsed.

Marked, with reason averted,

Cinders clutching at stained flesh follies.


In the creases


Stones shadow stones and become inert in their disguise whilst

The dust deferres its presence in obliging tender footing.

This time is not for arousal –

Surrounded, part of the opus.