This installation presented in Truro Cathedral in 2009 was created in response to text, Ecclesiastes 3:1. It formed part of a series of works, commissioned by the Cathedral reflecting upon ‘A Time For All Things’.

The piece, which occupied the South Quire Aisle within the cathedral comprised of a bed of scattered olive leaves resting on a light-emitting box and was covered with a thin layer of fine wood ash. As the leaves dried out, ellipses of light became visible from below tracing the presence of transformation and degeneration.

But every seed is useless if it remains as it is, if it does not decay and becomes black; because corruption always precedes generation. It is this way that Nature proceeds in all its operations, and when we want to imitate it, we must also blacken before whitening, without which we will only produce rejects. Marc-Antonio Crasselame, 1687